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A Silent Voice

I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out for ages! I just found out on my favourite site that it came out three days ago. Originally, I was planning to watch a different movie, but since many are waiting for it, it naturally came up and bacame one of the ‘hot searches’ and when I saw the title, my heart leapt out of my ribcage, and I almost pissed my pants.

As some would know, it is about a boy who bullied a deaf girl causing her to change schools because the boy’s bullying became a way for other children to bully the girl too; the way how they bullied the girl became extreme. Since the girl changed schools, the boy who was bullying her became the one being bullied by the people he thought his friends, since these friends are guilty too, in my opinion, that is why they find someone whom they need to point their fingers to. The boy isolated himself from the outside world, he even thought of killing himself, but the day he set he’d kill himself, he met the girl he bullied and that event made a great deal of difference in his life.

The boy started to open himself, first to a boy who was being bullied by a man bigger than they are, to the deaf girl’s sister, and of course to the girl he bullied when they were kids. The ones that bullied the boy also showed developments but not that big difference, since they are not really the focus of the movie.

The ending is subtle and smooth. I thought they are going to confess to each other their feelings CLEARLY (I can still remember how I reacted when the girl confessed but the boy can’t understand what the girl just said; I’m not even Japanese but when I heard her say ‘Suki’, I already associated it with ‘I like you’).

I expected too much from this movie, I waited for it for months, but I’ve got to admit that waiting is worth it and it really paid off. Overall, this movie is great, it deals with how humans can be selfish, ¬†insecure, sincere and just being human. It also deals with friendship and how it works, love and selflessness.

I love this movie. I loved this movie. Really.