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Kim Samuel: The Guy They Slept On

Kim Samuel: The Guy They Slept On

I’m like so crazy, writing this now which, obviously, cannot change anything. I started watching Produce101 on April 10, and the first time I saw Samuel, even before him performing, just talking to his manager, I knew that he’ll make it big and be on the top 11, if not the 1st.

Last night, I was so anxious as I cannot find any streaming sites anymore- Mnet made a good job in blocking the sites- but I am confident that my picks(BaeJin, LaiGuan, LeeDae, KimSam, KangDan, OngSeung, KimJong) will be debuting, so I contented myself by keeping tabs through Twitter.

So it is already 12 midnight in my place, and they announced Bae Jinyoung as 10th, but before that, Mnet made me suffer and posted that Lee Daehwi was one of the people competing for the 11th spot(and I hate them for that). As I was waiting anxiously, they’re announcing Hwang Minhyun 9th, Yoon Jiseong 8th, my boy Lai Guanlin at 7th, Park Woojin 6th, and by this time I was so anxious and nearly fainting cos my boy, Lee Daehwi , hasn’t been called yet, and:


This is the face I’m sure I’m making.

And the 5th place goes to Ong Seungwoo my boy, Kim Jaehwan at 4th, and I’m literally pissing my bed because Lee Daehwi? Where is he? My boy Kim Samuel? And then, they announced Lee Daehwi at 3rd, and boii my heart just went backflips and sudden rest. I’m just waiting for the name Kim Samuel.

Suddenly, Park Jihoon at 2nd was announced then, of course Kang Daniel at 1st.

The 11th place was now occupied by Ha Sengun and my sadness came crashing.

I did not watch Produce101 for three months to see this Kim Samuel at 18th and I’m so upset. He’s multi-talented, said to be kindhearted, amazing choreographer, pure and beautiful. Why are you sleeping on his talent? He’s just 16 and he’s experienced rejection, not that he lacks talent. I’m so upset cause another talented person got the treatment he doesn’t deserve. People keeps on sleeping on talent, and I hate it. If I’m rich enough, I’m going to snatch him away from his company, build my own agency just for him and the boys that did not debut.


Don’t worry, Samuel, you’re sill young, you are beautiful and overflowing with talent, so please don’t give up on your dream, because there are people who support you here. Thank you for the good fight, laughs and smiles.