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The Noblesse

The Noblesse

According to the dictionary, noblesse means people belonging to highest social class: of, relating to, or belonging to the nobility; it also states impressive in size or APPEARANCE (Merriam- Webster Dictionary), well boy that is true when you look  at this man!



The man above is the one and only Noblesse, guardian of all humanity, the hidden protector of all nobles, their judge, and, if necessary, their executioner, considered as the most powerful, all- knowing and understanding, going by the name Cadis Etrama di Raizel.

Now this man has found his loyal servant when the said servant slipped in his mansion and told the Noblesse he’s one of the butlers he hired- knowing that such a big mansion ought to have many servants and butlers and all- but the servant was caught in surprise when, after hours of exploration of the mansion, he found no stewards nor servants. Now this servant understood one thing: the Noblesse is alone.

This servant of the Noblesse is a human, but a very powerful one at that, who stayed at his master’s side at all times, protecting him and fighting along side him, giving his everything for his master. (Master? Yes, as they’ve entered a contract by blood; no one’s going to be able to separate these two!) Ah, the servant’s name is Frankenstein, and you might think he looks horrible but:



He’s the one on your right.

These two has been separated for about 820 years, due to Raizel’s sleep, in which Frankenstein did not waste time in finding his master but failed miserably, but fortunately, Raizel woke up to find the school Frankenstein built for him; Frankenstein wants to give his master a chance to live a normal life.

This time, Raizel is tech illiterate, does not know the language everyone is using, does not know where to go when he met the human he would give his life and energy into: Shinwoo, his first friend.

With this event as the starting point of the story, they will continue introducing characters that would help unravel this attitude of the Noblesse, his wants and his heart, his longing, and other characters that will dedicate their life in serving the Noblesse, for they share common goal: destroy the forces that try to rise above the nature that hurts one’s kind in the process. This team up will bring them fortune, happiness and fulfillment as they are not alone; they are with people who share their understanding and principles.




What I really don’t understand though, is: why is the anime of this such wonderful manhwa/webtoon only lasts for 30 mins each(there are only TWO)? If they will make this into anime or a 1 hr movie, many will watch it as this Manhwa is amazing and blood pounding that it really frustrates you as you wanted to hear him say his name “Cadis Etrama di Raizel”, or hear his hot daddy voice say “Kneel”.

Anyways, I’ve read this for two days during my school break, no sleeping, barely eating as I’ve been thirsting for more after one chapter. I’m actually recommending this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

P.S. Son Jae- Ho, please make this into an anime series or a 1hr long movie, please, we’re begging. Lee Kwang Soo, thank you very much for so much visuals in the Manhwa. I also wanted to ask if Rai will have love interests, cause you’re directing it that way already. Rai’s image doesn’t suit it, but I will appreciate it if Rai will dote on no one (hahahahaha, sorry, selfish. 🙂 )