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Brain Man (2013)

A while ago, I felt that I’m not in the condition to review (for school) so I decided to watch a movie. I got my browser started, went to my favorite site and searched through thousands of movies. As I was scanning through the page, the title that caught my attention was “Brain Man”, of course as the title implies, it involves a Man being Brainy (hahahaha) but still, I felt the need to watch the movie.

So I clicked and started. Here goes:

It is about Ichiro Suzuki who is beyond intelligent and he doesn’t know the ‘feeling’ of being human. He doesn’t love, because he doesn’t know what love is. He doesn’t have response to anything, just numbness and indifference. He doesn’t even know how to describe pain, as seen in the movie. Basically, he is emotionless. In the movie, they ran different tests on him and found out that his own body is a “factory of drugs” since he has high endorphin which “has the same effect as morphine”(that explains why he doesn’t know the feeling of pain).

Now deeper into this hottie’s life, he was sent into an orphanage-like place where he was taken care of by a certain Doc and found out that if he doesn’t receive instructions, he won’t do anything, “he’s basically just literally a brain”, so this Doc trained him to do potty, eat with spoon and fork and the basic things in life a normal person would die if they didn’t know how to. His parents died in a hit-and-run accident right after sending him in the orphanage- like place, soon after, the orphanage- like place closed down because of though economy, and Ichiro’s multi millionaire Gramps took them in again in his place for Ichiro to be trained.


They’ve discovered his photographic memory and extremely excessive sharpness when he assembled the thousand pieces- jigsaw puzzle in mere minutes. The multi millionaire Gramps became greedy and he made Ichiro train his mind, his body,  making him a Human Database, with a steel, hot body and handsome face.  Now this Gramps, still bitter his child died of hit-and-run, trained Ichiro to “Deliver justice in your own hands”; Ichiro became a ‘god’ in a sense that he is the one giving justice to those who are hurt because of [a] crime/s; he kills the perpetrators, he became a Killing Machine with his strong sense of justice.

Now in Tokyo, a Psychiatrist was rushing to catch a bus, fortunately she didn’t, cause that bus blew up because of bombs. Series of bombing envelopes Tokyo and here comes the Detective and the Badass Girls causing the ruckus.

With Ichiro’s strong sense of justice, he set off to find the perpetrators, and when he did find them and tried to finish them off, Detective Chaya with his assistant arrested Ichiro instead cause the perpetrators ran away already, damn.

Detective Chaya found Ichiro odd so he wanted to consult a doctor and went to Doc Mariko. There, they ran some tests on him and found out that he is normal, technically, just emotionless.


Now the pursuit continues and the Detective and Psychiatrist understood Ichiro’s history and concluded that he is not the perpetrator of the bombing events. As he was being moved out of the hospital, the Badass girls challenged him and he killed one of them in an instant.

The remaining girl wanted revenge from the very beginning. She took interest in him since he almost killed them that one time the Detective almost caught them. She kidnapped the Psychiatrist and bombed the whole hospital, killed the Detective’s assistant, almost killed the bomb bound- Psychiatrist just to lure him out.

Of course, he went out of his nest to deal with the girl causing the ruckus. He almost died in the process, but as he was gagging the girl to death, the Psychiatrist, who became somewhat endeared to him, told him that he should not kill, that he was not born to be a murderer, that he is not a god to take lives. That shook Ichiro, and began loosening his grip to the girl.

As Ichiro  let go, the girl put her hand in her pocket and produced a remote control- she’s going to blow the Psychiatrist up but good thing the Detective was there and he’s the one who killed the girl in the end.


Overall, the film is good and nice. It is actually thrilling, less blood than imagined. Worth watching.

P.S.: I know this is not a review, its actually a summary 🙂 I’m so sorry