Enjoying Series

This is one of the most iconic series I’ve watched and followed.


In the past year, the series faced so many rumors that upset the whole Sherlockians, one of those rumors is: this will be the last season Benedict will be playing Sherlock. But Sherlockians insisted that this will not be so, and one of the writers already dismissed this rumor.

They’ve showed us their dedication and sincerity by bringing Sherlock to a different level this season; even killing Mary as explanation to Mary’s disappearance in the book. (Sherlock of BBC is derived from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes)

Sherlock, this season is different from others.

It showed us different sides of Watson; how he felt during the times of his ‘affair’, his hallucinations of Mary and his real feelings toward the death of his wife and his way of coping. As for the latter, all those following the series know that he blamed Sherlock for this because he broke his promise to John and Mary to protect them with all his life. They also showed great evidence of John’s attachment to Sherlock, their friendship, their support and love for one another and the extent their friendship could go.

It also showed us the side of Sherlock we already know deep in our hearts but is not evident: He knows how to love, he just expels the idea and try to forget the feelings that could ‘interfere’ in his line of work, plus he just doesn’t know how to express these feelings in words just in actions,  by protecting those people he cared the most.

Overall, the season is satisfying not just aesthetically but emotionally (by that I mean it is heart-pinching) and it is challenging because it orders you to think what will happen, what is happening, how the characters will react and the likes. So if someone stumbled here on my blog, try watching it, from seasons 1-4, because it will not only feed you of handsomeness and hotness but also thrill and the experience of the art of deception.

P.S. This account is not complete because if I typed everything, every details and every thoughts I have about this series, I will stay up all night and I don’t want that sinceI still have quizzes tomorrow.


K- POP Follower


As part of my past time activities I am following the K- Pop trends these days.

I am still just a teenager and as such, I’m still too young- in my opinion- to enter into a serious relationship, plus my parents and sisters will oppose if ever.

And since I’m alone and free, I”m finding company with friends that could understand me.

A friend of mine introduced me to K- Pop back 2012. And the hottest K- Pop band was EXO (for teenagers and the like). That was the year they were introduced to the world and since then, I am a faithful EXO- stan.

Can I brag about them?

They were born under the label S.M. Entertainment where in thousands are vying to audition in order to enter, plus they are undergoing tests and facing the ‘elimination round’ monthly; so they are well filtered, right?

Not only EXO are talented but also handsome.

First blog post

I’m very sickly and I want a new hobby that could set me free- or rather that could make me feel I’m free.

I am a college student studying Medical Laboratory Science with the hope of becoming a doctor, someday.

I’m actually a very shy person, but through this, I could express myself even just to some people who doesn’t actually know me.

I ask for your assistance and understanding, Thank you.