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NCT (Neo Culture Technology)

So basically this post is about another K- Pop group, NCT. This group is a little bit controversial to the K- Pop industry because of their concept. The group itself is a concept, with no fixed number of member, various  units (but right now, the units are NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT Dream) with members belonging from the East (Korea, China, Thailand) to the West (Cali, even Canada) with the purpose of bringing their music (K- Pop) outside the niche named Korea (and neighboring countries).

This group is like an experimental group, cause S.M. really is risking their name for this group; for them to be recognized and acknowledged outside their country, they must exceed the expectations and tastes of other countries,  which of course vary that is why they are a multi- national group.

S.M. of course stayed true to their name, thus bringing us quality; many says artists from S.M. receive privileges due to the company’s name but that is not the case at all, since S.M. is a large company who had produced artists who shook the world with their music, many wants to enter the company, so the competition is high, and of course, since S.M. has a name they should uphold, they should be strict with how they eliminate the trainees, with how to choose who shall debut or not, trainees that should be together in a group and the likes, so I think the artists from S.M. deserves what little “privileges” they are getting cause they still practice and train even more than they sleep.


So this is the first unit of NCT , NCT- U who made their debut on April 2016 with digital singles “The Seventh Sense” and “Without You” in two versions (Korean and Chinese). So for me, this is one of the most memorable groups that I’ve allowed myself to know and love. From the choreography, the colors, the music, melody, rhythm, camera and editing works, they’re all shouting ART. And of course, as their name implies, they are using new techniques in technology. Meaning Talents+ Skill+ Music+ Technology= PURE AESTHETIC.Screenshot (40)

Screenshot (41)

Screenshot (42)

Screenshot (43).png

Screenshot (44)

Screenshot (45)

But sadly, they haven’t made their comeback this year, some members are in another unit but one isn’t, so the fans of the member who isn’t in another unit misses him so much and all are craving for his comeback and contents. Some are even saying that NCT U is dead, but I hope not; some say this cause the all members here in NCT U is active in another unit, except one.

NCT 127


This is the second unit of NCT, NCT 127 who debuted on July 2016 with the mini album “NCT #127”, 127 standing as the longitude of Seoul, Korea. This unit sweeps the title “Rookie of the Year” in almost all of the Awarding bodies and they deserve this. So far, they released three EP’s namely NCT #127, Limitless and Cherry Bomb. Their latest, Cherry Bomb, is literally a bomb, from their make- ups, clothes, looks, to the beat, dance moves and the likes.

Screenshot (47)

Screenshot (48)

Screenshot (50).png




These are just peeks from their music video, and since they just came back, I suggest you guys watch their music video if you’re hungry of aesthetics. These guys are one of the hottest names in the industry that they already landed a collaboration with Coca- cola as part of the SM Station.

NCT Dream

These guys are all in their 10s, very young, that is why their over- all concept is being cutiepies, and they are. They released “Chewing Gum” last August as their debut digital single, and boy, you’re going to melt with their visuals, the techniques they used, the dance that even if they’re young, there’s no stopping them, the colors, the aesthetics like:

Screenshot (53).png

Screenshot (54).png

Screenshot (55).png

Even if they are young, they are hailed as the official ambassador for 2017 Fifa U-20 World Cup Korea,  and released the theme song titled “Trigger the Fever” last March, once again serving as an evidence that age does not matter 🙂

Okay, so in NCT, since they have many members and of course there are conflicts in their “screen time”, or the times they are exposed to the public, because you know, they need individual fans too. And surprisingly, S.M. did a “nice” job here.

Ten, Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul, joined Hit the Stage Last year. Hit the Stage is a competition between idol contestants, he even got 1st place in the ‘Uniform’ stage

Screenshot (56).png

And the fact that he is in the competition means that S.M. is actually promoting him, even outside his group. During Hit the Stage, he is merely an 87- day old idol, a rookie, competing against year- old idols like Taemin, Hoya, Bora, and more. This subtle move earned Ten tons of international fans, and if S.M. wakes up and thought of giving him more exposure he will surely be a wall for S.M. cause he will be garnering fans here and there; he is already popular in Korea, in his hometown Thailand and other countries.

Last April this year, S.M. released a performance video featuring Ten and his talent in an ART titled “Dream in a Dream” as part of Station and S.M. the Performance, and boy, he deserves to belong in S.M. the Performance (S.M. the Performance features the best of the best dancers in S.M. Ent, with U-Know, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Taemin, Minho, Lay, Kai).

The song gives many feels to the listener; mixed oriental western music, Ten’s voice singing the only four line lyrics, aesthetics, camera and editing techniques, and choreography are on point, the results? ART, BEAUTY. I’m not biased, watch it yourself in Youtube. Here are some screenshotsScreenshot (59).pngScreenshot (57).png

Screenshot (60).pngSome say he is not handsome, some say he is handsome, but this does not matter; his talent does. His look is just an extra, a side dish accenting the main dish. Wish S.M. promote him more. (I’m Ten stan and I miss him)

Next! Well, this NCT member belongs to all NCT units, well promoted, well known and well loved, but I really want to say this, to voice out that I am acknowledging his taent and that is: Mark Lee, or Lee Minhyung.

Whaa, this man, oh my God, he’s only 17 and he’s so talented!

I’m sorry, my bad. I just really wanted to say that 🙂

P.S: all pictures credit to S.M. as I’ve only used screenshots. I want you guys to watch their Music Videos in order for you to truly appreciate the aesthetics they’ve poured into their performances. I’m sorry this is so long.

Kim Samuel: The Guy They Slept On

Kim Samuel: The Guy They Slept On

I’m like so crazy, writing this now which, obviously, cannot change anything. I started watching Produce101 on April 10, and the first time I saw Samuel, even before him performing, just talking to his manager, I knew that he’ll make it big and be on the top 11, if not the 1st.

Last night, I was so anxious as I cannot find any streaming sites anymore- Mnet made a good job in blocking the sites- but I am confident that my picks(BaeJin, LaiGuan, LeeDae, KimSam, KangDan, OngSeung, KimJong) will be debuting, so I contented myself by keeping tabs through Twitter.

So it is already 12 midnight in my place, and they announced Bae Jinyoung as 10th, but before that, Mnet made me suffer and posted that Lee Daehwi was one of the people competing for the 11th spot(and I hate them for that). As I was waiting anxiously, they’re announcing Hwang Minhyun 9th, Yoon Jiseong 8th, my boy Lai Guanlin at 7th, Park Woojin 6th, and by this time I was so anxious and nearly fainting cos my boy, Lee Daehwi , hasn’t been called yet, and:


This is the face I’m sure I’m making.

And the 5th place goes to Ong Seungwoo my boy, Kim Jaehwan at 4th, and I’m literally pissing my bed because Lee Daehwi? Where is he? My boy Kim Samuel? And then, they announced Lee Daehwi at 3rd, and boii my heart just went backflips and sudden rest. I’m just waiting for the name Kim Samuel.

Suddenly, Park Jihoon at 2nd was announced then, of course Kang Daniel at 1st.

The 11th place was now occupied by Ha Sengun and my sadness came crashing.

I did not watch Produce101 for three months to see this Kim Samuel at 18th and I’m so upset. He’s multi-talented, said to be kindhearted, amazing choreographer, pure and beautiful. Why are you sleeping on his talent? He’s just 16 and he’s experienced rejection, not that he lacks talent. I’m so upset cause another talented person got the treatment he doesn’t deserve. People keeps on sleeping on talent, and I hate it. If I’m rich enough, I’m going to snatch him away from his company, build my own agency just for him and the boys that did not debut.


Don’t worry, Samuel, you’re sill young, you are beautiful and overflowing with talent, so please don’t give up on your dream, because there are people who support you here. Thank you for the good fight, laughs and smiles.

The Noblesse

The Noblesse

According to the dictionary, noblesse means people belonging to highest social class: of, relating to, or belonging to the nobility; it also states impressive in size or APPEARANCE (Merriam- Webster Dictionary), well boy that is true when you look  at this man!



The man above is the one and only Noblesse, guardian of all humanity, the hidden protector of all nobles, their judge, and, if necessary, their executioner, considered as the most powerful, all- knowing and understanding, going by the name Cadis Etrama di Raizel.

Now this man has found his loyal servant when the said servant slipped in his mansion and told the Noblesse he’s one of the butlers he hired- knowing that such a big mansion ought to have many servants and butlers and all- but the servant was caught in surprise when, after hours of exploration of the mansion, he found no stewards nor servants. Now this servant understood one thing: the Noblesse is alone.

This servant of the Noblesse is a human, but a very powerful one at that, who stayed at his master’s side at all times, protecting him and fighting along side him, giving his everything for his master. (Master? Yes, as they’ve entered a contract by blood; no one’s going to be able to separate these two!) Ah, the servant’s name is Frankenstein, and you might think he looks horrible but:



He’s the one on your right.

These two has been separated for about 820 years, due to Raizel’s sleep, in which Frankenstein did not waste time in finding his master but failed miserably, but fortunately, Raizel woke up to find the school Frankenstein built for him; Frankenstein wants to give his master a chance to live a normal life.

This time, Raizel is tech illiterate, does not know the language everyone is using, does not know where to go when he met the human he would give his life and energy into: Shinwoo, his first friend.

With this event as the starting point of the story, they will continue introducing characters that would help unravel this attitude of the Noblesse, his wants and his heart, his longing, and other characters that will dedicate their life in serving the Noblesse, for they share common goal: destroy the forces that try to rise above the nature that hurts one’s kind in the process. This team up will bring them fortune, happiness and fulfillment as they are not alone; they are with people who share their understanding and principles.




What I really don’t understand though, is: why is the anime of this such wonderful manhwa/webtoon only lasts for 30 mins each(there are only TWO)? If they will make this into anime or a 1 hr movie, many will watch it as this Manhwa is amazing and blood pounding that it really frustrates you as you wanted to hear him say his name “Cadis Etrama di Raizel”, or hear his hot daddy voice say “Kneel”.

Anyways, I’ve read this for two days during my school break, no sleeping, barely eating as I’ve been thirsting for more after one chapter. I’m actually recommending this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

P.S. Son Jae- Ho, please make this into an anime series or a 1hr long movie, please, we’re begging. Lee Kwang Soo, thank you very much for so much visuals in the Manhwa. I also wanted to ask if Rai will have love interests, cause you’re directing it that way already. Rai’s image doesn’t suit it, but I will appreciate it if Rai will dote on no one (hahahahaha, sorry, selfish. 🙂 )

I’m in Need

As some may know, I’m 18, college student enrolled under Medical Technology program. I’m actually a Filipino.

What I really need right now is a part time job, as I still have studying to do. I really need income, so can you please suggest what kind of job would seem to fit someone like me? please? I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you very much.

A Silent Voice

I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out for ages! I just found out on my favourite site that it came out three days ago. Originally, I was planning to watch a different movie, but since many are waiting for it, it naturally came up and bacame one of the ‘hot searches’ and when I saw the title, my heart leapt out of my ribcage, and I almost pissed my pants.

As some would know, it is about a boy who bullied a deaf girl causing her to change schools because the boy’s bullying became a way for other children to bully the girl too; the way how they bullied the girl became extreme. Since the girl changed schools, the boy who was bullying her became the one being bullied by the people he thought his friends, since these friends are guilty too, in my opinion, that is why they find someone whom they need to point their fingers to. The boy isolated himself from the outside world, he even thought of killing himself, but the day he set he’d kill himself, he met the girl he bullied and that event made a great deal of difference in his life.

The boy started to open himself, first to a boy who was being bullied by a man bigger than they are, to the deaf girl’s sister, and of course to the girl he bullied when they were kids. The ones that bullied the boy also showed developments but not that big difference, since they are not really the focus of the movie.

The ending is subtle and smooth. I thought they are going to confess to each other their feelings CLEARLY (I can still remember how I reacted when the girl confessed but the boy can’t understand what the girl just said; I’m not even Japanese but when I heard her say ‘Suki’, I already associated it with ‘I like you’).

I expected too much from this movie, I waited for it for months, but I’ve got to admit that waiting is worth it and it really paid off. Overall, this movie is great, it deals with how humans can be selfish,  insecure, sincere and just being human. It also deals with friendship and how it works, love and selflessness.

I love this movie. I loved this movie. Really.

Brain Man (2013)

A while ago, I felt that I’m not in the condition to review (for school) so I decided to watch a movie. I got my browser started, went to my favorite site and searched through thousands of movies. As I was scanning through the page, the title that caught my attention was “Brain Man”, of course as the title implies, it involves a Man being Brainy (hahahaha) but still, I felt the need to watch the movie.

So I clicked and started. Here goes:

It is about Ichiro Suzuki who is beyond intelligent and he doesn’t know the ‘feeling’ of being human. He doesn’t love, because he doesn’t know what love is. He doesn’t have response to anything, just numbness and indifference. He doesn’t even know how to describe pain, as seen in the movie. Basically, he is emotionless. In the movie, they ran different tests on him and found out that his own body is a “factory of drugs” since he has high endorphin which “has the same effect as morphine”(that explains why he doesn’t know the feeling of pain).

Now deeper into this hottie’s life, he was sent into an orphanage-like place where he was taken care of by a certain Doc and found out that if he doesn’t receive instructions, he won’t do anything, “he’s basically just literally a brain”, so this Doc trained him to do potty, eat with spoon and fork and the basic things in life a normal person would die if they didn’t know how to. His parents died in a hit-and-run accident right after sending him in the orphanage- like place, soon after, the orphanage- like place closed down because of though economy, and Ichiro’s multi millionaire Gramps took them in again in his place for Ichiro to be trained.


They’ve discovered his photographic memory and extremely excessive sharpness when he assembled the thousand pieces- jigsaw puzzle in mere minutes. The multi millionaire Gramps became greedy and he made Ichiro train his mind, his body,  making him a Human Database, with a steel, hot body and handsome face.  Now this Gramps, still bitter his child died of hit-and-run, trained Ichiro to “Deliver justice in your own hands”; Ichiro became a ‘god’ in a sense that he is the one giving justice to those who are hurt because of [a] crime/s; he kills the perpetrators, he became a Killing Machine with his strong sense of justice.

Now in Tokyo, a Psychiatrist was rushing to catch a bus, fortunately she didn’t, cause that bus blew up because of bombs. Series of bombing envelopes Tokyo and here comes the Detective and the Badass Girls causing the ruckus.

With Ichiro’s strong sense of justice, he set off to find the perpetrators, and when he did find them and tried to finish them off, Detective Chaya with his assistant arrested Ichiro instead cause the perpetrators ran away already, damn.

Detective Chaya found Ichiro odd so he wanted to consult a doctor and went to Doc Mariko. There, they ran some tests on him and found out that he is normal, technically, just emotionless.


Now the pursuit continues and the Detective and Psychiatrist understood Ichiro’s history and concluded that he is not the perpetrator of the bombing events. As he was being moved out of the hospital, the Badass girls challenged him and he killed one of them in an instant.

The remaining girl wanted revenge from the very beginning. She took interest in him since he almost killed them that one time the Detective almost caught them. She kidnapped the Psychiatrist and bombed the whole hospital, killed the Detective’s assistant, almost killed the bomb bound- Psychiatrist just to lure him out.

Of course, he went out of his nest to deal with the girl causing the ruckus. He almost died in the process, but as he was gagging the girl to death, the Psychiatrist, who became somewhat endeared to him, told him that he should not kill, that he was not born to be a murderer, that he is not a god to take lives. That shook Ichiro, and began loosening his grip to the girl.

As Ichiro  let go, the girl put her hand in her pocket and produced a remote control- she’s going to blow the Psychiatrist up but good thing the Detective was there and he’s the one who killed the girl in the end.


Overall, the film is good and nice. It is actually thrilling, less blood than imagined. Worth watching.

P.S.: I know this is not a review, its actually a summary 🙂 I’m so sorry

Cheers to Life :)

So actually, I am a college student with a bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science, in short, Medical Technology. Since I started school, I’ve always been so uptight on myself to the extent that I need to memorize a whole book for me to be satisfied and be proud of myself. And MedTech is what I considered challenging, that ‘I could never get bored if I chose this course’.

After quite some time, I lost the will to study. And I’m asking myself why; when in fact I know that my parents and my sisters will be disappointed in me, which is, for me, the end of my world. I am so sorry. I lost the will to actually live- I starved myself to near death and craziness, I isolated myself from my friends and acquaintances, and family. I realized I hated myself because I see myself as a disappointment.

There will come a time when you will lose interest in what you do, you will lose all the care in the world and just think, ‘Fuck off, we only live once’, and it is true. We only live once. We only live once so we need to live our life without regret, live life happily, while being good to others and to your self. Live life while being full (and being a fool) of love, sharing and caring. Live life (while encouraging them) with your love ones and you will be happy. Your loved ones will serve as an anchor to your happiness and bliss. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that 🙂

Life for some, is unfair. But actually, life is so fair it seems unfair. We see through different perspectives, but when we venture, we will understand that life will teach us a lesson; it will depend on how and when it will be thrown athwart our paths, but trust life and you will learn the true meaning of true love.

Cheers to life!

P.S.: To some that blame life because of their misfortunes, this maybe the lesson and your foundation, treat it as a challenge to make your self better.

To some people who blame life because of their own doings, be responsible and be the master of your self.

I hope, someone who stumbles here be encouraged, I am only 18 and have yet to see the real whole world, but I hope I expressed my sincerity (since I am also very shallow, but encouragement is still an encouragement, I’m just sharing my story and thoughts) that I just want to learn from people and be an encouragement to some.