NCT (Neo Culture Technology)

So basically this post is about another K- Pop group, NCT. This group is a little bit controversial to the K- Pop industry because of their concept. The group itself is a concept, with no fixed number of member, various  units (but right now, the units are NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT Dream) with members belonging from the East (Korea, China, Thailand) to the West (Cali, even Canada) with the purpose of bringing their music (K- Pop) outside the niche named Korea (and neighboring countries).

This group is like an experimental group, cause S.M. really is risking their name for this group; for them to be recognized and acknowledged outside their country, they must exceed the expectations and tastes of other countries,  which of course vary that is why they are a multi- national group.

S.M. of course stayed true to their name, thus bringing us quality; many says artists from S.M. receive privileges due to the company’s name but that is not the case at all, since S.M. is a large company who had produced artists who shook the world with their music, many wants to enter the company, so the competition is high, and of course, since S.M. has a name they should uphold, they should be strict with how they eliminate the trainees, with how to choose who shall debut or not, trainees that should be together in a group and the likes, so I think the artists from S.M. deserves what little “privileges” they are getting cause they still practice and train even more than they sleep.


So this is the first unit of NCT , NCT- U who made their debut on April 2016 with digital singles “The Seventh Sense” and “Without You” in two versions (Korean and Chinese). So for me, this is one of the most memorable groups that I’ve allowed myself to know and love. From the choreography, the colors, the music, melody, rhythm, camera and editing works, they’re all shouting ART. And of course, as their name implies, they are using new techniques in technology. Meaning Talents+ Skill+ Music+ Technology= PURE AESTHETIC.Screenshot (40)

Screenshot (41)

Screenshot (42)

Screenshot (43).png

Screenshot (44)

Screenshot (45)

But sadly, they haven’t made their comeback this year, some members are in another unit but one isn’t, so the fans of the member who isn’t in another unit misses him so much and all are craving for his comeback and contents. Some are even saying that NCT U is dead, but I hope not; some say this cause the all members here in NCT U is active in another unit, except one.

NCT 127


This is the second unit of NCT, NCT 127 who debuted on July 2016 with the mini album “NCT #127”, 127 standing as the longitude of Seoul, Korea. This unit sweeps the title “Rookie of the Year” in almost all of the Awarding bodies and they deserve this. So far, they released three EP’s namely NCT #127, Limitless and Cherry Bomb. Their latest, Cherry Bomb, is literally a bomb, from their make- ups, clothes, looks, to the beat, dance moves and the likes.

Screenshot (47)

Screenshot (48)

Screenshot (50).png




These are just peeks from their music video, and since they just came back, I suggest you guys watch their music video if you’re hungry of aesthetics. These guys are one of the hottest names in the industry that they already landed a collaboration with Coca- cola as part of the SM Station.

NCT Dream

These guys are all in their 10s, very young, that is why their over- all concept is being cutiepies, and they are. They released “Chewing Gum” last August as their debut digital single, and boy, you’re going to melt with their visuals, the techniques they used, the dance that even if they’re young, there’s no stopping them, the colors, the aesthetics like:

Screenshot (53).png

Screenshot (54).png

Screenshot (55).png

Even if they are young, they are hailed as the official ambassador for 2017 Fifa U-20 World Cup Korea,  and released the theme song titled “Trigger the Fever” last March, once again serving as an evidence that age does not matter 🙂

Okay, so in NCT, since they have many members and of course there are conflicts in their “screen time”, or the times they are exposed to the public, because you know, they need individual fans too. And surprisingly, S.M. did a “nice” job here.

Ten, Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul, joined Hit the Stage Last year. Hit the Stage is a competition between idol contestants, he even got 1st place in the ‘Uniform’ stage

Screenshot (56).png

And the fact that he is in the competition means that S.M. is actually promoting him, even outside his group. During Hit the Stage, he is merely an 87- day old idol, a rookie, competing against year- old idols like Taemin, Hoya, Bora, and more. This subtle move earned Ten tons of international fans, and if S.M. wakes up and thought of giving him more exposure he will surely be a wall for S.M. cause he will be garnering fans here and there; he is already popular in Korea, in his hometown Thailand and other countries.

Last April this year, S.M. released a performance video featuring Ten and his talent in an ART titled “Dream in a Dream” as part of Station and S.M. the Performance, and boy, he deserves to belong in S.M. the Performance (S.M. the Performance features the best of the best dancers in S.M. Ent, with U-Know, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Taemin, Minho, Lay, Kai).

The song gives many feels to the listener; mixed oriental western music, Ten’s voice singing the only four line lyrics, aesthetics, camera and editing techniques, and choreography are on point, the results? ART, BEAUTY. I’m not biased, watch it yourself in Youtube. Here are some screenshotsScreenshot (59).pngScreenshot (57).png

Screenshot (60).pngSome say he is not handsome, some say he is handsome, but this does not matter; his talent does. His look is just an extra, a side dish accenting the main dish. Wish S.M. promote him more. (I’m Ten stan and I miss him)

Next! Well, this NCT member belongs to all NCT units, well promoted, well known and well loved, but I really want to say this, to voice out that I am acknowledging his taent and that is: Mark Lee, or Lee Minhyung.

Whaa, this man, oh my God, he’s only 17 and he’s so talented!

I’m sorry, my bad. I just really wanted to say that 🙂

P.S: all pictures credit to S.M. as I’ve only used screenshots. I want you guys to watch their Music Videos in order for you to truly appreciate the aesthetics they’ve poured into their performances. I’m sorry this is so long.


2 thoughts on “NCT (Neo Culture Technology)

    1. Do you have a V App? I suggest you watch their V Live with almost all the members; it’s chaos and awesome and super funny. You’ll know everyone and their individual charms. Sorry, I’m here again promoting 🙂


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