Cheers to Life :)

So actually, I am a college student with a bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science, in short, Medical Technology. Since I started school, I’ve always been so uptight on myself to the extent that I need to memorize a whole book for me to be satisfied and be proud of myself. And MedTech is what I considered challenging, that ‘I could never get bored if I chose this course’.

After quite some time, I lost the will to study. And I’m asking myself why; when in fact I know that my parents and my sisters will be disappointed in me, which is, for me, the end of my world. I am so sorry. I lost the will to actually live- I starved myself to near death and craziness, I isolated myself from my friends and acquaintances, and family. I realized I hated myself because I see myself as a disappointment.

There will come a time when you will lose interest in what you do, you will lose all the care in the world and just think, ‘Fuck off, we only live once’, and it is true. We only live once. We only live once so we need to live our life without regret, live life happily, while being good to others and to your self. Live life while being full (and being a fool) of love, sharing and caring. Live life (while encouraging them) with your love ones and you will be happy. Your loved ones will serve as an anchor to your happiness and bliss. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that 🙂

Life for some, is unfair. But actually, life is so fair it seems unfair. We see through different perspectives, but when we venture, we will understand that life will teach us a lesson; it will depend on how and when it will be thrown athwart our paths, but trust life and you will learn the true meaning of true love.

Cheers to life!

P.S.: To some that blame life because of their misfortunes, this maybe the lesson and your foundation, treat it as a challenge to make your self better.

To some people who blame life because of their own doings, be responsible and be the master of your self.

I hope, someone who stumbles here be encouraged, I am only 18 and have yet to see the real whole world, but I hope I expressed my sincerity (since I am also very shallow, but encouragement is still an encouragement, I’m just sharing my story and thoughts) that I just want to learn from people and be an encouragement to some.


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